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Pandemic and Anti-Racism

Worship Resources


Reopening Strategies & Covid-19 Congregational Resources

Covid-19 Update:

Phase 2 for Congregations


A list of resources  to help you navigate this difficult time. Personal, Bible Study, Worship Service resources.

On-Line Worship Service

Available each week from MC Canada.

Online Service

Bookstore and Resource Centre

The Canadian Resource Hub: Buy, borrow, download Anabaptist resources and related materials.

Library: loan service free to any member of Mennonite Church Canada and its Regional Churches. Loan resources ship free (both ways) anywhere in Canada.

Download: Mennonite Church Canada and Regional Church resources such as, Worship calendar and resources, videos, study guides, drama scripts, and more.


The Canadian store for Anabaptist Curriculum and Periodicals

Put simply: 
(1) MennoMedia is Mennonite Church Canada’s publisher and CommonWord is our retailer and resource centre.
(2) MennoMedia produces Anabaptist resources and CommonWord disseminates many of them to individuals and congregations within Canada. 
This is a close partnership between publisher and retailer and is in place to serve our common constituency after significant structural transitions.

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Ministerial Sexual Misconduct Policy & Procedure

authored by Mennonite Church Canada & Mennonite Church USA